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Discussion board and make sure initial post is at least 500 words.

From the below, choose a question that you can best relate to and/or ideally one that is most relevant to your site. Respond to one question making sure to draw strongly on the content from both chapters assigned for this week to make explicit, informed, and relevant connections between your reflection and the text.

Please ensure that your initial post is at least 500 words.


  1. Choose a memorable experience, one in which you think you learned something important in your professional life. Use either the Kolb or Shulman cycle and describe each phase of your experience.
  2. Using any class you have taken in the program, describe how it affected you in the personal, professional, and civic dimensions by noting the knowledge you gained, the skills you developed, and the attitudes or values you became aware of or you changed.
  3. Were you surprised to read about the need for civic development in all internships? Why or why not?
  4. Create your own list of anxieties about the internship experience that you feel comfortable sharing with everyone in this course. What are you finding most effective in managing them? Which ones do you think will diminish over time – without you intentionally doing anything about them? Why do you think that will happen?

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