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DISCUSSION Contract Basics Review

DISCUSSION: Contract Basics Review

INITIAL POST: DUE Friday, March 11 by 11:59 PM (20 points)

RESPONSES TO AT LEAST TWO OTHER STUDENTS: DUE Sunday, March 13 by 11:59 pm (5 points)


1. Each student in the class has been assigned one of the contract law topics set forth in items #1 through #8 below. Explain in detail the various concepts in your assigned item to your classmates based on all of the materials provided in Module 5 and Module 6, including all videos, lectures, and slides. Your explanation of the assigned item should include context, definitions of all related contract law terms, details, and examples

The topic is Implied v. Express Contracts; Verbal v. Written Contracts

2. For full points, your discussion posts and replies should be thorough, thoughtful, and engaging. Where appropriate, include your relevant personal interests, experiences, or reflections on the subject matter.

3. Read all student posts and write two thoughtful, engaging responses to at least two other students. Feel free to clarify, enhance or correct any explanations as needed.

4. Proofread and edit to be sure you have used complete sentences, proper punctuation, and have followed the Discussion Post General Guidelines.

5. Grading will be based on the ally icon indicator low circle.b7cd3e0c1511a1080fd322790193604fDiscussions Scoring Rubric 2022.pdf.

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