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Discussion: Experience or Schooling

First, watch “Jack Ma: Things to Do When You’re 30 (Links to an external site.)” (2:26 mins) and

read “Self made billionaire Jack Ma (Links to an external site.).” (approx. 5 mins)

Then, consider the following:
“Does the best path to being a successful entrepreneur begin with getting a job or starting a business right after graduating school?”

. Each person thereafter will disagree with the previous person who posted( at the end you will find the person discussion). Try not to repeat ideas already stated. Therefore, you may want to access resources outside of the class materials to support your position.

  • Habits of the Wealthy (Feb 1, 2018). Jack Ma-Things to Do When You’re 30 (Jack Ma Motivation). Retrieved from
  • Mejia, Z. (Jan 30, 2018). Self-made billionaire Jack Ma: How to be successful in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. CNBC. Retrieved from…
  • Being a successful entrepreneur requires a combination of experience, critical self-awareness, and the development of the essential intellectual framework to assist our knowledge of the factors that influence any decision-making process An entrepreneur recognizes the need for a change in the way things are currently done and, as a result, attempts to improve the process in order to facilitate general innovation. As a result, acquiring a job is the most effective approach for entrepreneurs to become more successful. As a result, we can say that getting a good job that challenges us with unique problems, constantly allows us to work on overcoming our constraints and shortcomings, and thus coming up with the solution to these problems can be considered the reason we need a job as a starting point to any entrepreneurial process. A job helps the entrepreneurs to do research and focus them to plan their business and make them help to decide on what to be done and what not to do.
    A career path and development ensures that entrepreneurs choose the correct field in the company so that they can achieve their objectives while following their passion. The learning can be increased if they work with different companies before starting a business so that they will be able to handle situations and risks.
    Entrepreneurs can locate trainers and mentors on the job, who can help them stay motivated and provide guidance.
    The networking level would be high if the entrepreneurs works in an organization before starting a business as that helps them to develop their business to be more successful in the market. Some people are simply born with an entrepreneurial mindset. They wouldn’t necessarily need a job to recognize the same level of comprehension that we do. However, finding a job and gaining experience are still important for everyone in order to make fewer mistakes when it matters the most.

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