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Discussion: Gestures and Signs

Complete the discussion after reading the Chapter on Culture and watching and/or listening to the class recording.

Give an example of a gesture within your culture that may not translate into another culture’s body language. Next, include an example of a sign and what it represents to your culture or in society.

Not including a gesture and a sign will result in points deducted.

Respond to one person’s post with thoughtful feedback. Your
feedback should be complete sentences. Be specific. Your feedback
should directly refer to the task. Be kind and supportive in your
feedback. Not including feedback on a post will result in points
deducted. (Perhaps, your culture has a different meaning of the sign or
gesture. Your response has to be more than “I agree… I disagree…”)

Click “reply” to write your response. You will not see the other posts until you respond.

“thumbs up” sign, which expresses praise
or approval in the U.S. but may be considered obscene in South America
or Asia. Similarly, the “A-OK” sign communicates praise in the U.S. but
is not acceptable in parts of Italy.


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