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Discussion Hcm213

HCM213 – Financial Management in Healthcare

Discussion Topic (5 Marks)

Describe how healthcare system financing works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Give at least two references to support your answer.


The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the interpersonal skills by responding to discussion questions and the posts of the classmates.

Action Items

Review the submission instructions and due dates.

Access the discussion forum by clicking on the discussion title.

Click on create thread.

Write a title of your response in the subject line.

Type your answer in the message field

Read your classmates’ answers and post at least two replies by the end of week 5.

Submission Instructions

Post your response to the appropriate discussion board forum by the end of week 4 (Saturday 11:59 PM). Post your reply to at least 2 of your classmate by the end of week 5 (Saturday 11:59 PM).

State agreements and provide additional supportive evidence or examples

Ask additional questions for clarification or provide additional ideas or perspectives on the answer

Advance the participant’s ideas further by providing additional references or support and providing feedback on the participant’s experience or perspectives.

State disagreements, if any, but provide evidence or support, using professional tone and etiquettes.

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