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dp3002 fACTORS


For this Performance Task Assessment, you will produce an 8- to 10-minute public service educational webinar with speaker notes that is aimed at educating public school teachers, administrators, and high school students on how disease impacts human body systems and informs public health strategies.

Professional Skills: Written Communication, Oral Communication, Information Literacy, Inquiry and Analysis, and Technology are assessed in this Competency.

Your response to this Assessment should:

  • Reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric.
  • Adhere to the required assignment length.

This Assessment requires submission of one (1) document: your recorded webinar with speaker notes included. Save these file as: DP3002_firstinitial_lastname (for example, DP3002_J_Smith).

You may submit a draft of your assignment to the Turnitin Draft Check area to check for authenticity. When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, use the Assessment tab on the top navigation menu.


Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and use their time most productively.

Click the item below to complete this assessment.

Public Service Announcement Webinar

Your health facility has received a grant for community health education outreach in public schools in your community. Your job is to create a webinar-style public service announcement for administrators, teachers, and students to view in real time. First, you will select a disease to highlight in the webinar, which you will host and narrate. You will educate this target audience on an overview of human body systems, how the disease you have chosen impacts human body systems, and how the same disease has informed or could inform public health strategies.

Select a disease from one of the following lists of chronic and infectious diseases:

Then, access PowerPoint to create and record your 8- to 10-minute webinar, which should include supporting slides that outline and illustrate your presentation. You are encouraged to use MS PowerPoint, but you can use other types of presentation software/applications as long as the application uses a slide presentation format and allows you to record yourself presenting (audio and video). The webinar instructions and some helpful resources are provided below.

  • Introduction:
    • Introduce yourself and explain why you are creating the webinar.
    • Recommended length: less than 1 minute with 1 accompanying title slide
  • General Body Systems Information
    • Describe the structure and function of at least five human body systems.
    • Include a visual aid for each body system that you describe (graphic, diagram, chart, etc.).
    • Recommended length: 5 minutes, 5 slides
  • The Impact of the Disease on Body Systems
    • Analyze how the disease you have selected impacts at least three human body systems.
    • Include information on minor, moderate, and major impacts of the disease on each body system.
    • Include at least one visual aid in the overview section for each impacted system (graphic, diagram, chart, etc.).
    • Recommended length: 3 minutes, 3 slides
  • Public Health Strategies
    • Explain how the impacts of a disease you have selected informs public health strategies (approximately 1.5 minutes/1 slide)
    • Recommended length: 1.5 minute, 1 slide
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize your thoughts on the information presented while you show the reference slide.
    • Provide at least three (3) scholarly references cited in APA format
    • Recommended length: 30 seconds, 1 slide

As noted, you will record yourself giving the presentation. PowerPoint has a recording feature that will convert the presentation into a video file.

Tutorials on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, record the presentation, and then convert it into a video can be found using the following resources:

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