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Draft Peer Review Workshop (Peer feedback)

Peer Review Feedback: Read the essay below and answer the following questions below

Purpose, Focus, & Development:

  1. In two sentences, summarize: what research topic/issue is being explored? What argument is being made on this topic/issue?
  2. Is the main argument clear? Expand on any areas where you think you could help to make the main argument more clear to the reader.

Organization & Structure:

  1. Does the organization of your paragraphs make sense?
  2. Are transition phrases used to move between body paragraphs?

Incorporating and Citing Outside Research/Evidence:

  1. Does every outside source have a lead-in and follow up? Is every quote from your sources correctly cited?
  2. Where can signal phrases be included to better introduce outside sources and their direct quotes?

Final Copy-Editing:

  1. Read through the draft out loud (this is a good way to catch things you don’t notice by reading to yourself), and note any sentences that feel “off” to you for whatever reason. If the sentence sounds off, chances are there’s a grammatical, mechanical, or sentence structure mistake going on. Did you catch anything?

Some common errors to watch out for specifically:

    • Sentence fragments
    • Run-on sentences
    • Comma splices (two full sentences conjoined by a comma that should be split into two different sentences)
    • Spelling and punctuation

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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