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Early Europe and Colonial America I Timeline

Create a Time Line of Art spanning from Paleolithic to Post-Modern Art.

  1. Time Period: For Early Europe and Colonial America I Module, you need five images from the College Board list of works for this module.
  2. Images: Please find 5 images that span the time period above. These works of art can include sculpture, architecture, painting, printmaking and drawing. Label each image with date, artist (if available), title, culture (i.e. Byzantine, Romanesque) or location of where the artist worked.
  3. Captions: Please add captions for each of your art works/events to your timeline. Each caption needs to convey what you feel is important about the work or event. Why is this worthy to be added to this timeline? Think about why you chose the work in the first place. These captions should encompass at least three sentences and be written in complete sentences and encompass.
  4. Citations: References should be included in your timeline. It is important to acknowledge the sources of information for the images as well as your descriptive captions.

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