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ECOM201- PROJECT – The answer to the fictitious company is in the file below and answers using references

1-The first question to be answered is an introduction to the company, which you can find on their website

The second question, the answer to which is the type of departments that Gotech Company follows and I mentioned above

Are you talking about the two departments you mentioned in detail?

The third question is a discussion of the challenges faced by the two departments that I chose and mentioned above, and they are specific to the question in terms of communication

It means how the company’s management communicates with its employees in all branches. The defects of communication will be found in the slides

They also identified cultural and political challenges for you

You talk about it and it is in the slides. They took it on the one hand, it is the mother company in Saudi Arabia and it also has branches abroad. How will it deal with its employees in terms of different cultures and political problems such as wars and others, will it affect the communication of the company?

2-Connect each point in the slide to the curriculum on a basis that makes it easy for you to analyze

Certainly, since the company has branches in Egypt and Italy, each region has a different culture and its own politics that must be respected

The fourth question was solved by putting a drawing under the slide, explaining it as it is

Criteria for choosing the team  Who are they, and why did you choose them?

The dilemmas that you will face when choosing a team. The company, as mentioned by its main management in Riyadh and its branches in Egypt and Italy….. What are the obstacles that they will face when choosing their diverse team, and surely the first obstacle will be the parent company that will communicate virtually with branch managers and each manager chooses his team himself

Pros and cons of the virtual team

She talks about the shortcomings and strengths of the virtual team and its presence in the slide

5_Description of the regional managers’ roles (2 marks) o What qualities must they have as leaders?

Available in slides

The roles of managers

Of course, you associate it with the company’s managers

How can they motivate themselves and their team?

How do managers motivate themselves and motivate their team?

This question is external and depends on the person’s thinking

You can motivate your team by promoting and rewarding them

communicating with them

Share your team’s joys and sorrows and celebrate team members like this

o What digital recourses can they use to manage the team?

These are clear digital means that managers will use to communicate with their team

You have a virtual meeting email and many things in the slides

Hybrid because it is traditional and remote

Traditionally, this is the management of the parent company with its employees in Riyadh and remotely with its branches in Egypt and Jordan, all right

Hybrid management

Split management

Virtual management

3 This is their university all

3-Project word part 2

Description of challenges that loom over GoTech (1 mark) o Existing challenges/disasters

Describe the challenges or disasters the company has faced

The first disaster that affected greatly is Corona, so explain in a simplified way from your style what the company did and how it transformed its business according to what you observed in most companies

Potential challenges/disasters

Possible challenges, for example, since the company deals electronically with its employees, which means the possibility of a virus attacking their systems, and there is no confidentiality of data because every department is in an area

Geographical distance creates a problem in companies, laws and regulations

Description of GoTech resources (1 mark) o What are the digital and financial resources?

Description of GoTech’s Financial and Digital Resources

The company has strong financial assets because it is contracted with the Al-Othman Holding Group, and it has a digital subscription, all of its transactions are done electronically

Instead, the company provides services and equipment in the field of oil and gas, and it is a supplier to Aramco, so it has a strong financial base. Expand on this point, everyone formulates it in his own way.

How can these resources be utilized?

How can these resources be used?

The point of this question means how to benefit from its financial and digital resources

It uses financial resources to maintain its equipment, as well as to bring powerful electronic systems to the company, and also uses its digital and financial resources to bring protection programs for its electronic systems in order to protect its systems from any electronic attack. The company also appreciates benefiting from its resources as a competitive advantage among companies

Description of GoTech digital capabilities (2 marks) o Existing capabilities that can be strengthened

List the abilities GoTech thinks make it powerful

The answer may be expanded

For example, when the company faced Corona, it promoted the use of virtual technologies

Well the company should promote

Strengthening its cloud-based applications and data to protect the company from persistent cyber threats and the possibility of entering the artificial intelligence service, given that in the Corona situation, we were required to social distancing, everyone talks about several points from his point of view

o Needed capabilities that must be invested in

The necessary capabilities in which the company must invest

Connecting, collaborating, and sharing is a digital capability that every business must strive for. GoTech must continue to improve its communication processes to help enhance the communication process in the company. Hence they must put more pressure on resources and equipment to ensure the quality of communication to avoid any distress to the team due to poor communication channels and resources.

Also, technological progress poses a threat to any company because it is forced to update its electronic and digital systems to keep pace with the market

Description of the solutions (3 marks)

Describe the solutions from your point of view

Immediate solutions are that it activates and improves electronic communication, since the company has financial resources

Future solutions

From your point of view, future solutions are open questions and all answers are correct

And the last question is to close the project. From your point of view, Gotech company, what do you need, a philosophy? Write 3 or 4 lines


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