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Edit & Revise HIGH LEVEL APA 7th Scholarly Writing + Add Citations + Then write Summery

Please see all comments on this paper. Please revise accordingly: Scholarly writing high level, APA 7th (reference as well), table of content.

Some parts needs to add and write NEW information based on consciousness with cites.

Effects of Alanon spiritual practice on consciousness & unconsciousness components of the mind:
The effects of a Alanon, a therapeutic practice, on consciousness & unconsciousness components of the mind and summarize the current understanding of this topic based on the scholarly literature.

>>>>>>>>The goal of the paper is to show how Alanon is a spiritual program which enhance (use this word) consciousness and awareness of the member. Instead of obsessing in fear about their relative or loved one with the AUD, members can overcome conflict, turmoil, pain, suffering, and, to some extent, physical diseases. Find citations about consciousness and awareness .

APA 7th mention (quotes and in parenthesis) from all references.

  • Wilber, K. (1993). The Spectrum of Consciousness, Boulder: Quest Books. ISBN-13: 978-0-8356-0695-0
  • Grof, S. (1998).The Transpersonal Vision: The healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, Wheaton: Sounds True. ISBN-13: 978-0-8356-0695-0
  • + attached paper for citations

There should be a minimum of 8 RESEARCH references. The references may be scholarly books or journal articles.

After: write 300 words summery for post in class.

Attached are guidelines for APA 7th + References. Please follow.

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