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Effects of EU Emissions Trading System on Chartering of vessels (tankers)

Year Project Title: Effect of EU Emissions Trading System on Chartering of
Vessels (Tankers)

(Where required, the title may be altered to suit the questions and objectives )

to define the background, objective, and scope of the study.

to state relevant questions you want to derive from the above project.

format – Instructions on citations, format and guidelines indicated on the project
proposal template. Need to prepare an excellent project proposal with
citations, references, statistical data, reviews, and measures to be
implemented under the study’s objectives. Attached is the LOG488
course handwork, pre-semester briefing guidelines
and the example of past year students. Need to have many relevant citations.
Looking to score distinction for my assignment seek for assistance in
delivering an excellent paper. Greatly appreciate all your efforts. I will upload
more files on subsequent chats and information from the lecturers. Feel free to
enquire on parts where clarity is needed.

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