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Effects of nutrition on renal diseases.

Access the virtual library and research information related to your topic. Identify five (5) scientific papers published within the last five (5) year and summarize each paper into a paragraph of at least 5 sentences; in all, you should have five paragraphs of at least 5 sentences each. Post by adding a new post. Follow the sample provided below.


Azmuddin, R.A.A., Nor, N.F.M., & Hamat, A. (2020). Facilitating Online Reading Comprehension in Enhanced Learning Environment Using Digital Annotation Tools. IAFOR Journal of Education, 8(2), 7-27.

Azmuddin et al. (2020) sustain that, as reading has switched to eTextbooks, instructors need to teach students how to use online annotation features. Azmuddin et al. (2020) found that students who used electronic devices to access learning materials were able to enhance their reading comprehension skills only after being taught how to maneuver the annotation icons. Students participating at the study first learned the tabs, then they highlighted the material, and finally annotated the information by paraphrasing. Colors were used to implement various strategies. Furthermore, the scholars state that annotations were content-based, and students received constant guidance through instructor-given questions and checklists.

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