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ENC 1101 Unit one draft

Hello again!

how are you doing?I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

So you made me this assignment 3-4 weeks ago and it was so good and I have received 20/30. But I can get the full marks if you can revise it. I will be gratefull if you could revise it.


The Prof notes:-

You have chosen an interesting topic here that is being debated through the sources you have selected to analyze. Overall, I think you have been successful in this assignment and have a good understanding and use of the rhetorical concepts we have covered as part of this unit. I do have some revision suggestions for you to make if you would like to resubmit a revised version of the paper.
Expanding your introduction a little more to include some of the rhetorical context and ecology surrounding this topic of debate would help to establish the conversation/argument that is going on surrounding the sources that you’ve chosen.
I think you could use a mention in your introduction about how you are going to be conducting a rhetorical analysis of three sources that all have different viewpoints on this same question. You could also mention the benefits of such an analysis and discussion. This will give you a good setup for the rest of your paper analysis.
In terms of the analysis for each article, when you revise this paper, include an expanded discussion of who the audience is for each article. Right now you only have a brief mention for each source. Think about who the author was thinking of when they wrote their piece. Think about the arguments each author makes, who would be convinced by what they say? That is the audience. There needs to be textual evidence to back up your analysis.
I think you could review the concept of constraints and include some discussion in your paper. Keep in mind that constraints cause the rhetor to do and say specific things so there should be evidence of the constraints in what is in the article. In your revisions, describe the constraints on each author in terms of how they dealt with that constraint and how that caused them to write what they did in their article.
You can develop your conclusion a little more in this paper. Keep in mind that what you can discuss in the conclusion is how you’ve been able to show the significance of doing a rhetorical analysis on the three sources that have different viewpoints on the topic. You can also use the conclusion as an opportunity to mention the Haas and Flower article and the concept of rhetorical reading and how meaning is constructed.
Don’t forget to double-check your formatting with the example paper on webcourses (first module) so that your first page and works cited are in correct MLA format. You can use the Easy Writer book or Perdue OWL (online) to make sure you have the formatting correct. Let me know if you have any questions.
Also, add the Writing About Writing sources to your works cited because that is what you are using to conduct your rhetorical analysis.
Remember that you will have until Wednesday, November 3 to submit a revised version of this Unit One paper for a replacement grade, if you choose to do so. Feel free to show me any revisions as you are working on them and let me know if you have any questions

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