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eng 201 Digital Literacy Autobiography project

For this assignment, you will compose a Literacy Autobiography with the primary purposes of

  • examining and reflecting on your own personal reading and writing practices and the familial/cultural/historical values that have shaped these practices—or as Deborah Brandt would say, how your literacy has been or is sponsored
  • placing these practices and values into some sort of historical/cultural context or Discourse Community so that you and others can better understand the relationships between literacy practices/values and culture/society/history.

The definition of literacy we are using for this class includes the practices of reading alphabetic texts (shopping lists, magazines, books, web sites) and visual texts (e.g., television shows, computer games, photographs), and the practices of composing written texts (e.g., poems, newspaper stories, essays), visual texts (e.g., photographs, pictures, advertisements), and hybrid texts (e.g., multimedia, computer games, etc.). Literacy also includes the social, cultural, familial, and personal values that are associated with such texts.

Where the digital component comes in: In lieu of a traditional essay, you will present your autobiography using interactive elements. You will create a website or blog with various sections/pages that will represent the different parts of your Autobiography. This digital format will allow you to include images, music, videos, and any other applicable forms of media. Consider this an interactive assignment with each page acting as short essays, that will be linked in a final conclusion section.

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