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English 112-argument


Print, review and annotate the TWO perspective articles on your chosen topic below:

TOPIC ONE: Social Media and Freedom of Speech

“Primary Source Document: Anti-Defamation League Representative Testifies About Online Extremism”Links to an external site.

“Primary Source Document: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Address on Free Speech” Links to an external site.

TOPIC TWO: The Threat of Artificial Intelligence

“AI’s are Really Dumb:They Don’t Even Have the Intelligence of a 6-Month Old” by Timothy Revell from New Scientist

“Beware an AI-Fuelled World” by Andrew Simms from New Scientist

TOPIC THREE: Voting Rights for Felons

“Zero Disenfranchisement: The Movement to Restore Voting Rights” by Common Cause

“Felons Lose Their Right to Vote When They Break the Law” by Roger Clegg from Voter Fraud


Write a detailed three paragraph response (about 300-350 words) to the two articles under your chosen topic. Use specific details from these two assigned perspective articles when summarizing their main ideas.

What is each author’s central opinion on the issue?

Identify at least three main supporting details each author uses to support their argument.

Whose position do you agree with more, and why? Be specific in your response.

Make sure all references and quotations are clearly cited, using the MLA parenthetical form of citations.

Include a Works Cited in MLA format. (For a database source, use the Cite or Page tools to get an MLA formatted citation.)

Peer Replies

Respond to at least TWO of your peers as a Reply to their post. Where possible please respond to at least TWO of your peers who posted on YOUR chosen topic. Your responses must be substantial (150-200 words).

Directly address specific statements or facts discussed in the peer post and offer your own views/analyses. As needed, use details from sources to support your responses and challenge the views and ideas of your peers. You might also pose questions about the validity or soundness of their perspective.

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