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English easy


I have an English sassy this is the requirement please use the attached file to complete the easy.

Step 1 (research)

Review Machiavelli’s Text

Find 3 main points that Machiavelli makes in his text

Step 2 (research)

Review The 48 Laws of Power by Elffers and Greene

Find 3 laws that you could relate to Machiavelli

Step 3 Time to Write!

Discuss 3 Ideas from Machiavelli

Explain 3 Laws of Power

Conduct a comparative analysis of the intersecting ideas between three concepts found within the two texts

Remember to include a brief intro. and conclusion

3 Pages

MLA format which means you must have 2 works cited (a bibliography with both of your primary texts)

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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