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environment concepts and approaches

This assignment is a reflective and critical review of Linda Pannozzo’s About Canada: The Environment. In no more than 1200 words (approximately 4 typewritten pages, double spaced, 12 font),

  1. SUMMARIZE: Write a maximum 2 page summary of Pannozzo’s Take on Canada’s Environment and explain why Pannozzo thinks our greatest hope is “to become indigenous to the place we call home.” Be concise.
  2. REFLECTION / ACTION: What ideas do you think are most important in the reading and why? What aspects of the text connect/disconnect/contradict your own thoughts?
  3. WHAT IS MISSING? What, if anything, is not being addressed or discussed in the reading?

*Please include a word count on the title page

Each section is worth 10 marks each. No extra research is needed. First person language is fine.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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