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epidemeology: week 7

For this assignment, you will need to find a minimum of three peer-reviewed papers: one illustrating descriptive epidemiology, one illustrating analytic epidemiology, and one directed toward a topic of interest to public health. These papers must be recent, with a publication date January 1, 2021 or later. The topics are at your discretion, and don’t have to be the same for each paper. These papers are your three main references. Remember – these need to be actual papers from peer-reviewed journals with real data. There should be sections in each paper detailing methods, data, data analysis, and conclusions. Review articles are useful as background, but may not be used as one of your three main references. Citations from these sources should include not only the web information (if any), but also the complete list of authors, title, journal name, volume, pages, and year. There are no page limits to this project – discuss each topic completely but succinctly. In general, 1-2 pages per topic works well. In your writing, indicate which you are discussing (i.e. “descriptive epidemiology”) and clearly delineate each item to be discussed (an outline form with bullet points is acceptable and easy to follow as long as the bullets have enough information to answer the questions). It can be helpful to organize this project by listing the specific item (e.g. Disease source: Zika virus) rather than merging everything into one giant paragraph.

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