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ethical dilemma

You have continued to meet with Amanda on a weekly basis. You noticed that when you are meeting with her in her family’s home, she tends to be fairly quiet, seemingly guarded. When you meet with her in the community, she is more open and talkative. Over the course of a couple of months, you are beginning to feel as though she is starting to trust you.

For your session this week, you met her at a local coffee shop. When she leans down to pick something up, you notice that she has a bruise on her arm in what appears to be the shape of fingers. When you ask her about it, she shares that her father becomes violent with her when he has been drinking alcohol. She asks you not to tell anyone, saying that it doesn’t happen frequently and you are the only one she can trust.


In a minimum of two pages (not counting the title page and reference page), address the following:

  • Reflect: What kind of ethical dilemmas might you face in deciding whether or not to report this situation?
  • How will you respond to this situation? Defend your decision. Be specific.
  • Explain what you might say and what kind of follow-up actions would be necessary. Give examples.
  • Provide a brief description of the mandated reporting laws in your state. If you decide to report this concern, how will you report it? Be specific. Will there be a chain-of-command in the reporting process? Is there a required timeline?
  • Support your response using at least two library sources.


  • The submission should be approximately 2 to 3 pages in length (not including title or reference page)
  • Title page in APA format
  • APA formatted in-text citations, title page, and reference page
  • Describes response to client situation both in terms of interactions and required follow up
  • Identifies an ethical dilemma
  • Explains reasoning for approach and supports opinions with at least one library source
  • In-text citations for two library sources in APA format
  • APA formatted Reference page
  • Uses appropriate spelling and gramma

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