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ETP week 6 activity

Read the following case studies from the book attached.

Case Study 11.1: It’s an Agile World

case illustrates a common problem in software and IT development, where
programmers and IT staff are anxious to lock in specifications as early
as possible so they can “get to work” without having to worry about
invasive or disruptive input from the end users. Unfortunately, what
typically happens is that the finished product is not what the users
needed or thought they needed and a long list of fixes and modifications
are needed to make it work correctly. This case is based on a true
story in a hospital IT department that routinely struggled with these
sorts of user conflicts until they sifted to an Agile methodology.


  1. Why
    does the classic waterfall project planning model fail in this
    situation? What is it about the IT department’s processes that leads to
    their finished systems being rejected constantly?
  2. How would an Agile methodology correct some of these problems? What new development cycle would you propose?
  3. Why are “user stories” and system “features” critical components of an effective IT software development process?
  4. Using
    the terms “Scrum,” “Sprint,” and “User stories,” create an alternative
    development cycle for a hypothetical software development process at
    Northwest Regional Hospital.

Case Study 12.2: “First Come, First Served”: Resource Challenges for Sunrise Restoration

case is intended to highlight the challenges in resource assignment,
particularly in the common cases where project managers within the same
firm are competing with each other for the use of scarce and valuable
human resources to accomplish their tasks. Without clear guidance from
top management and a valid priority system, the ability to acquire
resources is often the result of chaotic bargaining and negotiation
among equals. This case is based on a real situation and the outcomes
were very much in line with the way they are described in the case. The
business owner did not want to simply invest in more resources for fear
that they would be underutilized. He much preferred the system of
negotiating among his project managers, even if that led to inefficient
utilization of the resources that were available. Students can be asked
to take the side of the owner or Tyler to debate the options that
Sunrise can use to manage its resources.


  1. Describe some of the resource constraints that Sunrise and its project managers are facing.
  2. Is Sunrise’s current model of prioritizing resource assignments viable? Why or why not?
  3. How could technology alleviate some of Sunrise’s resource management issues?
  4. Would
    Tyler’s suggestion to hire additional technicians and purchase more
    equipment solve the resource problems at Sunrise? Why or why not?

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