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European Union and technological giants

The paper should have the introduction, theoretical part and methodology in 10-12 page

Research Question: How does the behavior of technological giants has influenced selected areas of data policy of the EU

Topic: European Union and technological giants

The introduction should take 2 pages maximum

The theoretical part should take 7-8 pages

The methodology should take 2 pages

References are not included in those 10-12 pages

Please do the references in APA style

Theoretical framework should be made through Institutionalism and the Conception of Change (case the study is about the EU and changes inside the EU Methodology:

Primary data collection



Why is this research relevant and important,

Explanation of RQ and main problems in the topic,

What solutions should this paper have

I also recommend you to do the topic mainly about the cookies data policies of the EU and how does it shape the EU (from the year 2018)

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