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Event Security

Review the Case Study regarding the March 14, 2008 incident that occurred at a
sporting event in the Georgia Dome. The Case Study can be found on pages 58-59 of the
textbook. Additionally, view the documentary on the course site (SEC Storied: Miracle
3). After reviewing the scenario and video, answer the following questions:
1) Under what conditions would the decision have been made to evacuate the venue fully
or partially rather than implement shelter in place?
2) If you were in charge of assembling a Command Group for this event, who would you
include and why? Identify seven individuals (no names, but specific titles/positions) that
would have comprised your Command Group and provide justification as to why they
were selected.
3) What were the first priorities of the Command Group after the incident and why?
Format and Directions
• Submit using Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space.
• Use bulleting, italics, bold, etc. for an organized, clean response to the scenario

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