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explain how you would utilize an element of set, sound or lighting to create the ending scene of the play Red Velvet.

Provided is the setting and stage directions for the final scene of Red Velvet (Pg 84-87). After reading, take the design elements of set, lights, sound, and costume, and explain how you would utilize these elements to create the final moment of the play (Pg.86/87). What does the set look like? What angle are the lights coming from? Are there sound cues? Write out the moment utilizing everything you have learned this semester. Go back and look at the lessons to remind yourself about these different elements and their abilities. Remember that for every choice, you need to back it up with why this choice works and is appropriate for this moment in the play. Link it back to the setting and stage directions. Please remember to have complete sentences, correct spelling, and grammar.

Within your paper, choose one element to delve into further. This element should also be the element you have visual material for. For your selected element, provide more detail. Discuss the building blocks of the element and an explanation of how the design changes throughout the scene. Consider how this change supports the story of the play. Be creative! Your answers don’t have to be by the book or expected, as long as you can justify your them.

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