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Extended version of the previous work

Hello Dr. Mike,

How are you mate?

Now it is time to write the extended version of the proposal where we will write in fully chapters 1,2,3 and create the questionnaire.

* I am sending the word file where you will use it, and do not try to change the font or anything in this file. Use it as it is. Follow the titles and every instruction in this file.

*Regarding the questionnaire, use (Likert-type) that comes with 5 degrees ( 1- Strongly agree. 2- Agree. 3- Neutral. 4- Disagree. 5- Strongly disagree. )

* We need plenty of pages with chapter 2 and try to make it at least 20 pages or more.

*I need an explanation of the questionnaire questions that you will use. You may send a file for me with explanations or to send a video recording of your screen while you explain the questions and the reason for using them, just in case if my SUP asks me about them.

* While you are writing, and to save your time and my time, it is preferable to send the questionnaire to me before you finish the work, I need to send it to my SUP to get his approval before I start submitting it to the others.

*Also, I need all the pdf files that you will use for your writing.* we have a long work that we will work with each other to finish it, so expect to read feedback from my SUP for the work, and we will make any corrections are needed to be done.

* If there is any additional info, I will post them to you later.* Please use the WORD file attached to write the work on it, and it is ready with the titles and is formatted and everything, and you just add the work to this file and submit it back to me.Do not change the font nor anything in this file, it is the offical file from my university, And read carfully thr rubrics file to know the steps in how we get high marks.

Take Care

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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