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few questions

we have 2h to finish the questions

In order to demonstrate the following language skills,

  1. Introducing ourselves and others.
  2. Asking & answering questions

3– 4. Expressing present events & planning events.

  1. Expressing ideas regarding
  2. chronological time (la hora & numbers),
  3. days of the week, months & weather conditions (ex. lunes, martes…/ enero, febrero…, 5 de Mayo, 4 de Julio…, etc.)/ Hace frio./ Está lloviendo.
  4. and to school life, the family, pastimes, vacations & shopping.

…we access the following content,

  1. Greetings & farewells, verbs llamarse & SER + Adjectives (or qualifiers)
  • Very very important: Subject & Verb agreement: Ex. Yo me llamo…/ yo soy, but, ella es…

Gender & Number agreement: Ex. La casa (es) blanca.

  1. Yes/No questions & with question words: I. Ex. ¿Eres estudiante?Sí, soy estudiante.

– No, no soy estudiante.

II. Ex. ¿Qué estudias? – Estudio español y francés.

  1. -AR/ -ER & -IR verbs:

Regular Verbs- Ex. I. hablAR (hablo, hablAs, hablAmos, …)

II. comER (comEs, comE, comEn)

III. vivIR (vivo, vives,… , but, vivImos)

& Irregular Verbs a. SER (soy, eres, …, somos…)

b. tEnEr (tengo, tIEnEs, …, tenEmos…)

c. pOdEr (pUEdo, pUEdEs, pOdemos) & others

d. quErer (quiero, quieres, queremos) & others

e. pEdir (pIdo, pIdEs, …, pEdImos…) & others

f. IR + a + Inf. (-R form): Ex. Voy a estudiaR/ Vamos a saliR,,,)

g. SABER & CONOCER (sé. sabes… & conZCo, conoces…

h. & others.

  1. Gramatical Tense: (Single) Present Tense: Ex. Yo estudio español en SCC.

Present Progressive: Ex. Yo estoy estudiando español este semestre.

(A Future form)> IR + a + [-R]: Ex. Voy a estudiAR español en el verano.

  1. Determinants: I. Definite Articles (ex. el , la…+ Noun)

II. Indefinite Articles (ex. un, una…+ Noun)

III. Possessive Adjectives (ex. mi…, mis…/ tu…, tus…/ su…, sus…, nuestro…, nuestra…, … + Noun)

IV. Demonstrative Adjectives (ex. este…, esta…, estos…, estas… + Noun) & Demonstrative Pronouns

(*Noun: If you can add THE in front of a single word, we are in front of a noun. This is a ‘very’ simple ‘nongrammatical’ way to recognize it, though.

Ex. house, girl, nice, textbook, hot> the house, the girl, the textbook = Nouns.

The nice* and the hot* are not possible. They are NOT Nouns but Adjectives ( or Noun qualifiers)

& Vocabulary from Lesson 1 to Lesson 6 (Contextos, in context, & Vocabulary page, listed at the end of every Lesson, as a summary of the active vocabulary lesson).

(*active = required vocabulary)

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