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Film 111 talk talk

Choose one still from the film, Psycho, and upload the still for us to see and analyze the basic elements of the mise-en-scène. Use the questions below to analyze how the basic elements of mise-en-scène contribute to the visual style and story content of a film.

For a close analysis, it is best to pick a single image.
Begin by thinking about the overall effect of the mise-en-scène in the image that you post from the film.

  1. CONTENT: What is going on in the story during this scene/still?
  2. FORM: How does the mise-en-scène contribute to the story? For example, what props do we see? Hitchcock was a perfectionist and carefully planned this. Why? Describe the camera height and placement of characters. Who are we supposed to identify with?
  3. In your argument, please be sure to to carefully cover all areas below: The set, costume/makeup/hair, blocking and performance, and lights.

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