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Final Project Presentation

This assignment carries the bulk of your Final Project weight — it requires you to finish your Final Project and create a brief presentation/display of it for our final critique sessions.


Too often the rush to finish a class art project with a deadline leads to a fast ending that doesn’t allow for reflection or care. By putting together a presentation that goes along with your project, this Final Project assignment asks you to not only show us the work you’ve spent six weeks on, but create a thoughtful summary of how it was made and what influenced you. This is similar to how professional artists are asked to contextualize their work and connect it to the larger world. We don’t make art in a vacuum and doing this is good practice for not just making work but thinking about it and learning from it.

Also, each presentation/critique session will be roughly 20 minutes total (5-10 minutes presenting and 15-10 minutes feedback), which sadly isn’t long at all. So in order for you to share the depth of your project, the digital Presentation format will assist you in collecting your thoughts and providing us with any important background about your work. In an ideal world we would have an hour to talk about each person’s work (similar to how graduate critiques are run), but alas, we are an overburdened public school with not enough resources.


Because of the different nature of everyone’s work (from one-off artist books to social practice/conceptual projects), it will be difficult to discuss in a traditional format (like looking at a painting or sculpture), so I will ask you to put together a Google Slides presentation similar to what you created for your Project #3: Public “Good” project at the end, and show this for about 5-10 minutes at the beginning. We will spend the rest of the time discussing it giving feedback.

  • If you’ve made a book: Show us ALL the pages by taking photos of each page or showing us a digital file of each page and adding it to your Google Slides Presentation. Some of you are making unique artist books and while we can pass it around or look at it carefully in-person, it will be difficult to see each page all together, so please show it to us in digital form as well.
  • If you’ve made a social practice/conceptual work: Take images of the final work and put them at the front of your Presentation. Then follow with process images, research shots, and any text/captions you feel are important to know about the work.


  • Make it visually rich! The more images the better. Design it in a way that reflects your visual style and the project’s style.
  • Write a project statement, it will help you collect your thoughts and define what you tried to do.
  • Create a narrative arc that walks us through your work and process.
  • Add any resources, inspiration, a bibliography — anything that shows how your work is connected to other ideas, artists, the larger world, theory, etc.

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