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Financial Analysis Project

Financial Analysis Project Instructions

The purpose of this project will is to learn to calculate and evaluate financial ratios. You will use information from the financial statements provided, to compute ratios, compare results, and make an investing decision. This project covers important material found in chapter 12 of our text.


  • SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS AND ROUND ALL ANSWERS TO TWO PLACES AFTER THE DECIMAL POINT. If you do not show your work, you will not receive full credit. I will take off points if you do not round correctly.
  • Please use correct spelling and grammar in all answers. Your calculations and answers need to be typed into the answer sheet, saved as a Word document or PDF.
  • The end product should be neat and written in a business tone; a quality product/report you would give to your supervisor at work.
  • Download and/or print the financial information provided and use the information to complete the project. Note that we are using 2020 data for Twitter and Facebook.

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