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Financial plan report

The assignment is to write a financial plan for a client. It requires understanding and knowledge in financial planning. The case is that I work as a professional financial planner, and make a financial plan for a client. Info in the case and clients is attached.

Use the template below to construct your recommendation report to your clients. Complete all parts that are highlighted with blue color. Make sure you are answering every question and making every recommendation with solid and detailed analysis. Show details of calculations where necessary. You can use tool such as equations, tables, charts to help you explain your calculations. But do NOT just paste any screenshot of any calculation software such as Excel to show your calculation process. You need to show everything formally in the report as it is to be presented to your clients. Remember, this is the goal of financial planning – to issue a financial plan with recommendations to solve the problems your clients are facing. You need to construct your report with professional language and clear/reasonable explanations so that your clients can understand and accept your recommendations/responses.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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