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Fllow instruction to draw a map


Where are we in a tale and what emotions and moods do we associate with the different fuzzy spaces of the journey we follow? This week, your assignment is to trace the path of a protagonist of one of our tales through one of their journeys in the Wilds or through the Horror and Violence they have been emplotted within. You will do this by drawing a map that connects the fuzzy spaces of where they are, where they travel as either a function of the story or the emotional atmosphere it establishes. Be certain to include the 1) zones of action, 2) projected spaces (dreamland/flashback), 3) markers (borders or fuzzy horizons), and 4) the route taken. This exercise will assist you in the visualization of spaces as they are in the pages, and there is no requirement for artistic talent, but rather to label and understand the stages and spaces of the journey and to reflect on how these tales as journeys can be conceptualized in the mind.

Choose one of the texts from week 8 and draw a map of the 1) zones of action, 2) projected spaces, 3) markers, and 4) route. Be certain to label the spaces and to indicate the function or emotional associations.

Complete 3 peer reviews by the Friday following the deadline.

little red map.jpg

What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s assignment.


Practice using visualization and mapping to analyze the content of a tale.

Reflect on the empty spaces, fuzzy outlines, how interactive a literary tale can be.


Draw the topography of a tale, including the 1) zones of action, 2) projected spaces, 3) markers, and 4) route. Label these including notes on function or emotional atmosphere.

Post an image of your map to Carmen by the deadline.

When the deadline passes, complete three peer reviews by the following Friday.

What to Include

A map of the tale.

Mark the map with labels that indicate what the function (1-4) an element is, and what the emotional atmosphere is.

Notes on the emotional atmosphere of a space in the tale.

Academic Integrity

Getting help on the assignment [is] permitted.

Open-book research for the assignment [is] permitted and encouraged.

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