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food borne illness script

1) This is a franchise pizza business. The franchisor wants to have a script for their franchisees to be used for handling a food borne illness complaint. Write a script that will be used when franchisees call a customer for the complaint.

A customer complained they got sick from the pizza store. Now, a franchisee will call the customer and refer the script to resolve this complaint.


– Food borne illness was not caused from the store.

– Field operation team investigated the store throughly after they received the complaint. (mention what has been investigated in the pizza store) and during the investigation there was nothing bad or wrong that might have caused food borne illness.

– No refund or any compensation will be offered since if they offer compensation, it will imply that they admit the responsibility of food borne illness.

– The franchisee is worried if the customer will feel bad if they don’t offer compensation.

– Message to customer should be to seek help or medical attention if needed.

– Get the customers contact info and let them know we will report it to the provincial health department instead of letting them.


2) Make a writing to explain to the franchisee the reasons why it is important to not apologize or offer compensation for food borne illness complaints.

Ex) chance of being involved in law issue.

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