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Gender Identity – Determined or Fluid?

Gender identity has recently come to the forefront of social debate. The main controversy centers around the consideration of gender as a fluid ideology that exists on a spectrum or as a biologically determined characteristic.

Thoughtfully reflect on the issues discussed in the talks that you have watched. Answer the following questions:

  • What are the core issues that are argued in the videos that you watched?
  • What are the speakers’ respective points of view about the topic? How does culture influence this social discussion?
  • What are your thoughts on this complex and controversial topic? Be specific and thorough. Do not just state your viewpoint, rather provide relevant details to support your position. Refer to at least one outside source of information on the topic.
  • Create an audio narrated presentation consisting of approximately 5-8 slides (not including the title slide and your reference slide). This presentation should be approximately 5 minutes long. Your presentation must include the audio transcripts. You may include these in the slide notes area of the presentation.
  • View your peers’ presentations and comment in a respectful manner to 2 classmates that you agree with and one that you disagree with. Be specific in your responses to their positions.

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