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Global Health Question

Prompt 1:

There is considerable evidence that different populations in the United States experience healthcare in profoundly different and unequal ways. From the perspective of medical ethics, this is unjust and should be remedied. Yet there are a number of factors that make finding solutions to the problem of health care disparities elusive. Drawing on course materials, explain how each of the following two factors make improving health equity so challenging, and propose a specific solution to overcome the challenge:

  1. The definition of population population groups and the targeting of interventions
  2. The close association between race and social class

Prompt 2:

In this class we have focused on the relationship between culture and health. This relationship comes into focus especially when considering the experiences of immigrants in the United States and how they access health care services.

Drawing on course materials and personal experience (if relevant), discuss how being an immigrant can shape your health and your experience accessing health care services. Your answer must reference at least two sources (readings or films) and use at least one concrete example.

Prompt 3:

In Arthur Kleinman’s book What Really Matters, he argues that we would be better off if we confronted the existential risks that face us as human beings because it makes us better capable of appreciating the value of life itself.

Choose at least one form of existential risk that you personally perceive is currently affecting you or will affect you in the future. Discuss how you perceive this risk and what you specifically do to confront it, manage it, deal with, or minimize it in your daily life. What effect do you feel your strategy has on how you value or appreciate life itself? What implication do you think this has for your ability to be healthy and to help promote health for others?

For these above, you need to choose two prompts and write about 4-5 pages for each with sited sourses

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