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Global Healthcare Presentation

Please review the attached documents carefully before starting. My topic is about education in Somalia. I need both a word document with bulleted points of the presentation to read from and a Power point document with slides ( Do not write everything in the slides, just short phrases) The details of each point should be written separately below:

Resource: Education Country: Somalia

1/ Identify country and resource:

2/ Describe the issues related to this resource for the designated country:

3/ Describe effect on health and/or healthcare in the designated country:

4/ Describe social justice concerns in the designated country:

5/ Identify responses to this issue in the designated country:

6/ Describe factors that affect sustainability:

7/ Describe local impact:

8/ Conclusion:


  • use picture
  • visual representation of data – graphs- pictures- chart
  • Bullet points
  • cite sources on each slide
  • Reference list on last slide (APA style)

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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