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Govt 2305.Final project.

Current event paper/PowerPoint= 150pts – Each student will write a two-page minimum current event paper
worth 100 points and create a PowerPoint worth 50points (7 ppt slide minimum). Please write three questions
about your current event (please insert questions on the work cited page when submitting your paper and on the
last slide of the power-point). Your three questions should cover your paper topic. After reading your paper,
what should your reader know? The paper and power-point are due during week 6 (Please see the course
organizer/ accessibility sheet located within the “Start Here Tab” for the due date.)
Paper Instructions: Please select any national or local political event (The topic covered must be connected to
The United States Federal government in some way); explain who, what, when, where, how, and why. Include
how one could alter the outcome of this event if handle differently, or why you believe the outcome was the
best solution given. Explain your policy or event thoroughly, provide relevant examples. The event cannot be
more than four years old, i.e. 2018. (The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 12-pt font and at least
two full pages. Please include a work cited page separately. Please create an error free PowerPoint
presentation over your current event (you must insert pictures, written explanations and at least one
video link). This is an online course, your PowerPoint will take the place of an in-class presentation. Imagine
that you are giving a presentation to the class. Insert key points, ideas, and relevant examples in your
PowerPoint presentation over the topic selected. You will submit both documents under the current event link
located in the “Lessons” module. Please submit the paper and PowerPoint in Canvas under the (Lesson
module) please click current event submission link. Here I will check for plagiarism. No more than ten words in
all quotes, I will only accept papers with 15% or less (I will not count off if you have more than 15% because of
your work cited page)! Please use safe assignment to see what percent of your paper includes quotes. (To see
the percentage, please submit your paper. The percentage will appear shortly afterwards. You can submit your
paper multiple times before the deadline. Please feel free to edit your paper if needed.)

Paper Introduction:

  • Introduction Sentence: In Texas today, gun control has dominated conversations between the two major parties.
  • Introduce your topic
  • Explain its importance

Body Paragraphs: Explain topic/ policy

  • Explain policy/ event- Ex. Gun control laws in Texas or U.S/ college campuses/ teacher involvement
  • When was it introduced/ when did it occur
  • Why was it needed/ why did this occur
  • Who benefits/ who was affected
  • Other relevant events/policies
  • Who will pay for this?


  • Your thoughts on the topic
  • What you believe should occur
  • Summarize your findings/ Explain how it affects Texas/US

Work cited page: List your sources: (No wiki)

The paper has a two-page minimum requirement

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