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Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

  • Students should go to (Links to an external site.)
  • (Links to an external site.)You MUST download the “Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool” and “Instruction Sheet”. Then open this file in Excel – then conduct a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis using the tool for your home or work environment and score it making an educated guess. The spreadsheet format will automatically calculate the risk impact for the student. Using the information from the analysis tool, students should select 5 events from the tool that indicate they are at a high risk. For these 5 events (e.g., power outage, hurricane), the students should determine how they can better prepare for this event to mitigate the impact. As an example, for a prolonged power outage at their home – they would need to have flashlights with extra batteries or a generator, a back-up source, etc.

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