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Helath Insurance Presentation


I’d like help to do my presentation in healthcare insurance (Chapter 3 The Provider Network).

Keep in mind the following points:

I need all aspects in this chapter covered.

Our instructor doesn’t like copy and paste style so we’d like to cover the chapter in creative way (try to demonstrate with pictures in slide and give 3 to 4 lines as a guide) and the rest of explaining will be in (speaker notes).

Put some examples from health insurance in Saud Arabia (you will find these info in this website)…

Electric book is attached


° Be creative in showing Chapter in design and style.

° Don’t copy paste from cahpter.

° I will present from guiding points in slides AND speaker notes.

° Provide examples from Saudi Arabia health insurance providers (website mentioned above).


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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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