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The two most important issues at the Constitution were representation and power. Recently these are again at the forefront as we experienced what many historians call a constitutional crisis with the expansion of presidential power versus the power of Congress, and the failure or limits of constitutional checks and balances. We have also seen challenges to the rule of law (ex. Jan 6 capitol), and debates over constitutional interpretation (Texas limits on abortion rights). Clearly our Constitution remains critical to who we are.

Respond to the following:

What are the most important powers of Congress and the President, and what do you think are the most important “checks and balances?” Why did the founders fear both unlimited executive power and unruly, uninformed citizens?


Write a reflection this week about executive powers and and their limits. Explain Congressional oversight of the president including impeachment, give examples. Do you think the limits work? What if Congress will not hold the president accountable to the rule of law and the Constitution? (This is the challenge for today’s January 6

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