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Literature and books provide us so much in the way of exploring different concepts about our lives and in early childhood they provide the base for how children explore different concepts. As I discussed in the overview it is important that we as educators continue to broaden our knowledge of books that are quality for utilizing in early childhood classrooms. So I challenge you this week to find a several books you did not know existed that can support the broad topic of personality development. I encourage you to brainstorm this topic as it is influenced by the temperament a child has and temperament is part of the emotional development and emotional development is influenced by peers and social interactions. So you can see how broad the topic is and why it is important to brainstorm to help narrow your search for books.

For the discussion this week I want you to share 3 books you find in your search (at the libraries or web based search) to share with your groupmates. Not only are you to share the book but you must discuss how each one supports a topic within the umbrella of personality development and provide evidence from the text and learnings as to why the concept you choose is so important to the support of personality development of the child.

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