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How to become a teacher in NYC

Record a 10-slide, 10-minute long narrated informative PowerPoint presentation on this topic: becoming a teacher in nyc

Give your audience practical tips for building a successful career in a field related to your major. How can you break into the field? What should you do to get your first internship? What should you do to get your first job? What should you do to be a successful professional in this field? What should professionals in this field do to remain competitive on the job market? These are just some questions that you should consider.

Please cite at least five sources in your presentation using APA style — both via in-text citations and “References” — and include some visual elements that will engage the audience. However, please be mindful of copyright issues and do not just download visuals off the Internet that you don’t own the rights to. You should either create your own visuals or use a Creative Commons database such as this one:

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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