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HSM- 494-90 group project2

Red Bear River Valley Hospital is one of the small, scattered villages located in rural northern Utah and about 40 miles from the Big Swift, the closest town and commercial center. The only transportation linkages to Red Bear River Valley are rural county and state highways. These routes are closed or not easily utilized between 7-10 days a year.

Red Bear River Valley Hospital offers a basic emergency room and 16 inpatient beds in a 44.000 square-foot facility. An adjoining medical clinic, Red Bear River Clinic, provides an additional 20,000 square-feet of space. The Bear River Clinic provides for basic outpatient care. The hospital is supported by 10 physicians.

Attached are the following data for Bear River Valley Hospital:

  • Population Statistics
  • Statement of Revenues and Expenses for the last three years
  • Top eight DRG Discharges
  • Patient Days by Payer
  • Best and Worst percentages for Performance against CMS Core Measure
  • Based on the data given, consider the following:

  • Describe and discuss the current financial and functional outlook for the facility. (Eloisa)
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