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Human Resource Management

Healthcare anchor institutions – There is a recent trend toward health systems emphasizing their roles as ‘anchor institutions,’ where expenses are viewed through the lens of community impact. The approach has significant implications for how healthcare organizations hire and develop their workforces. Do you view the anchor-institution movement as a passing fad, or a robust trend? Using at least two real-world examples from the health sector, explain your conclusions, and their implications for health systems.

3. Writing Instructions

A. Submit all assignments in 12-point font, double-spaced.

B. Leave adequate margins.

RESOURCES (Managing Human Resources) Twelfth Edition by Wayne F. Cascio

Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits

Mc Graw Hill

Labor management & ethics

Sections from Cascio Part five (47pp):

9. Ch. 13: Union rep. and collective bargaining
10. Ch. 14: Procedural justice and ethics in employee relations

Focus on:
11. Ch. 13 pp. 463469; 477490
12. Ch. 14 pp. 501529

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