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Hurricane Sandy & Superfund Nightmare

Need to answer the questions below after reading two articles.

Long Road to Recovery

1. In what ways did the loss of power during
Hurricane Sandy have immediate impact on the residents’ health?

What are some potential long-term health impacts caused by the long
power outage that health officials should prepare for, both listed and from your
knowledge of public health?

2. The authors considered mold to be the most
significant long-term health threat from Hurricane Sandy. What were their most
pressing concerns about mold? Do you
agree that this is the most significant health threat? What other threats could
lead to comparable or more severe health consequences?

3. What are the three most critical takeaway
concepts from this article that should be remembered for an effective and
ethical disaster response?




The Looming Superfund Nightmare:

1. Describe what Superfund sites are (research as needed) and what problems they caused on the Texas gulf coast during and after Hurricane Harvey.

2. According to the author of The Looming Superfund Nightmare, in what ways did the chemical threat of a disaster target poor populations of the Texas gulf coast? What were some given examples?

3. What do you consider to be the most serious concerns of the EPA’s ability (or inability) to handle environmental disasters in the future? Why?

4. What are three critical concepts from this article that you should apply to your emergency response if working in a disaster setting with potential chemical contamination? And why?




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