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I have a discussion question

is important for the professional nurse to practice self-care. The
“essentials” state that the baccalaureate program prepares the graduate
to recognize the relationship between personal health, self-renewal, and
the ability to deliver sustained quality care (AACN, 2008, p. 28).

week, you have been directed to several chapters, articles and videos
on self-care and mindfulness. After reading and watching the materials,
please answer the following questions and post your thoughts in the
discussion forum. The goal of this discussion is to help you engage in
self-reflection and to grow from feedback from your peers. Because of
that, all citations in your work can be from the weekly readings.

  1. What
    are some ways you are caring for yourself already (ie, keeping up on
    immunizations, engaging in a hobby, yoga)? How has this benefitted you
    as a nurse? Suppose you are trying to get a group together to
    participate in this practice. What would you say to encourage
    participation from your peers?
  2. Is
    there some way in which you are finding it difficult to care for
    yourself (ie, getting enough sleep)? Here is a potential question for
    your DQ: Does anyone have any suggestions how you might improve in this
  3. From
    the readings this week, what is at least one self-care practice you
    would like to incorporate into your lifestyle? How can you incorporate
    this? What will help you to make this a continued practice?
  4. What
    do you personally see as the benefit of mindfulness? Can you give an
    example of how you have seen this used by yourself or another
    colleague? Can you think of a time when mindfulness was not used, but
    would have been beneficial?

the goal of this discussion is to help you self-reflect on your
self-care practices. I will be looking more at authentic communication
and less on resources for all postings for this discussion.

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