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This week, we’ll continue our exploration of eugenics, paying particular attention to the historical intersection of eugenic ideas and practices with respect to hormonal birth control. From there, we will investigate a provocative ethnographic case study of fetal surgery, during which time we will reflect on some of the thorny methodological issues involved with the study and reporting of controversial scientific and technological issues. Finally, we’ll then turn our attention towards the Ehrenreich and English pamphlet ‘Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness.‘ As always, we have a week filled to the brim with content – and discussion board questions!…

Please aim to respond to this fourth discussion board by end of day this Friday July 30th. Thanks!!

Do assumptions about gender inform the beliefs and practices relating to medical care (or lack thereof)?

Can we think of examples where gender has influenced – positively or negatively – the particular diagnosis and/or treatment provided to an individual or group of individuals in the realm of medicine? (No need to disclose personal information here!! Examples should be of a more general variety.)

How do assumptions about race, ethnicity, and class/SES intersect with assumptions about gender in the realm of medicine such that particular diagnostic or treatment patterns form?

Are there ideas, practices, or values with respect to medical settings that could/should be different than they are currently? Are there ideas, practices and/or values in the medical field that we might like to see implemented, discarded, reformed, etc.?

As always, these prompts are merely meant to serve as possible entry points. Please feel free to chime in with any thoughts or questions that strike your fancy!

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