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At the very beginning of the five-week session, students will select a company they are interested in analyzing.* This company could be either a public or private firm. If the student chooses a private company, however, relevant marketing data and information must be readily available in order to complete the project. Students will then analyze and present on each of the “Four Ps of Marketing” in the following order:

  • Module/Week 1, Product: Students will provide an overview of the firm’s primary product(s) and/or service(s).
  • Module/Week 2, Price: Students will provide a breakdown of the firm’s pricing strategy and revenue model(s). (the Firm that I selected is “General Motors Corporation” GMC).)
  • Module/Week 3, Place: Students will provide an overview of how the firm moves goods and services to customers.
  • Module/Week 4, Promotion: Finally, students will provide an overview of the firm’s promotional strategy.

Students will prepare and submit a one page summary of their weekly findings, including two APA-cited sources used to prepare the overview. It must be noted that these weekly projects are not based solely on the opinions and observations of the students, but a combination of research, observation, analysis, and summation of a variety of sources. These weekly projects will serve as the basis for the final project in this course. Professional business writing is expected.


We will utilize the case studies within the textbook to help broaden our marketing knowledge and introduce more research into the subject matter.

With the case studies, you will be able to select the case study you would like to research from each our chapter readings this week, we should have one case study per chapter (chapters 9, 10, and 11).

For chapter 9, select between HSBC (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or BMW (Answer Questions 1 & 2).
For chapter 10, select between Louis Vuitton (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or American Express (Answer Questions 1 & 2).
For chapter 11, select between McDonald’s (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or Procter & Gamble (Answer Questions 1 & 2).

  • After you answer the questions from each selected case study, then include a personal reflection on the case study topic; ensure to make clear connection(s) between what is learned from the topic and that you demonstrate further analysis and/or insight.
  • Your answer(s) should include a citation from the textbook and your reflection should be support by a scholarly peer-reviewed article to assist with the analysis and/or insight of the topic.

Case Study Format:

  • Include title page.
  • Properly formatted in APA, with the correct number of sources (text and peer-reviewed).
  • Double-spaced; 12-point font.
  • Proper cited reference page.
  • With a case study format; we do not have to include any type of introduction or conclusion.
    • All cases can be in one document and ensure to label each case study.

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