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I need help with a couple questions about Bodies and Performances

1. The concept of “real gender differences” can be slippery. Explain why asking whether a difference observed between women and men is “real” is a misleading question and what better questions would look like. What would you argue is a better way to think about sex differences?

2. Using an example of an observed sex difference of your choosing, compare a naturalist and a culturalist explanation of the difference. What are the limitations of each perspective and what would be an alternative explanation?

3. If men and women aren’t naturally opposite, then why do they act so differently so much of the time? Make sure to define and explain at least two reasons for these differences.

4.What is the #1 Gender Rule? Why is it so important and what happens if it is not followed? What does this tell us about the role of gender in society?

5. What does it mean to do gender? Why is this a sociological explanation of gender differences?

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