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I need someone to write my discussion post for theater and reply to two of my peers discussion posts

Module 10 Discussion Post

Consider the theatre jobs explored in this module, and throughout this course. Which of these jobs do you think would be the most interesting to you, or would best align with your skill set? What skills might you need to further develop to be successful at this job?

Search the Internet for a person who has your “dream theatre job.” Start with a theatre organization you’ve learned about in this course, or begin searching in a city you know you would love to live in. Check out their staff page, like the “Meet the Team” page at Orlando REP.

Once you’ve found a job you think you’d love, respond with the following:

  1. The name of the theatre and title of the position,
  2. Why you think you would love this job,
  3. What skills you would bring to this position, and
  4. Ways in which you think this job would challenge you.

In addition to your own post, please respond thoughtfully to at least two of your peers.

Module Summary

This module has demonstrated the variety of jobs one could have in professional theatre. Perhaps you could even picture yourself in one of these roles! Even if you have little theatre experience, theatres depend on people who can handle finances, marketing, guest services, facilities, and more in order to allow audience members to have a great experience at the theatre.

Optional Supplemental Resources

Theatre job boards:

“Job Board.” TYA/USA

“Jobs USITT.” The Association for Performing Arts & Entertainment Professionals

“Latest Theatre Jobs.” Playbill

“Theatre Job Board.” SETC

Video series of types of theatre jobs:

“Working in Theatre Playlist.” Center Group Theatre


“Meet the Team.” Orlando REP

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