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Work Experience: edit AdventHealth Hospital to Ocala Regional Hospital from March 2018 to present; my role would be Patient Care Tech PRN and AdventHealth Hospital to December 2017 to present as a PRN please list the role as a PCT for Ocala Regional. For Sunshine Drugs switch it to CVS July 2015 to Present PRN. (take out part time as need basis-intern trainee; and keep it as PRN. For Petsmart July 2008- May 2011. In order I would like it this way. OcalaRegional Hospital, AdventHealth Hospital, CVS, Take out Marion County Literacy Council, keep Petsmart………dates:March 2018 to present as a PRN;December 2017 to present as a PRN, July 2015 to Present PRN, July 2008-2011

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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