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I would like help with my business memo.

You must submit a 4 to 5-page paper analyzing a current legal issue of your choice that impacts health care. The purpose of the paper will be a memo to your hypothetical department head or governing board,layingout the context/background, the issue(s) to be resolved (what issues to be resolved – you could hypothetically say you are the manager of a XYZ hospital or health plan and talk to how you need to adhere to the stated law), state of the law(s), including any relevant case law, an analysis of the impact on the all relevant stakeholders (patients, providers, health plans, etc.) based on current state and plausible outcomes, and industry and/or personal suggestions for resolution (how to address the regulation in your organization – policies, training, etc. and maybe advocate to lobby to have the law revised if you think it should be).

Per your proposal, you should have chosen a topic/issue that has concrete law/regulations tied to it. You need to identify a law or laws that impact your issue/topic and hypothetical organization in some way. The paper should provide a background of the issue(s) in the context of your company, a breakdown of the law with citations, the impact on your organization, and finally suggestions to your boss or Board on how to address the law to ensure compliance.


  • Utilize a memo format to your department head or governing board – no title page or bibliography.
  • You may provide an Appendix if desired. The Appendix does not count towards the page limit.
  • Please double space all your text, using 1” margins all round, and 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Number your pages in the bottom right footer.
  • Use adequate footnotes. I do not rely on legal “Blue Book” or APA forms of citation, but I do look for footnotes that clearly identify and allow me to track the authorities you cite.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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